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Below are the 6 Pawn shops located in Alexandria, VA

1. Top Dollar Pawn & Jewelry

5225 Indian Head Hwy Suite #B, Forest Heights, MD 20745

We are the premier pawnshop in Oxon Hill only a mile from MGM Casino at Washington Harbor. Our flagship store opened four years ago and has been

serving DC Metro area for almost thirty years, giving top dollar on every loan we take as well as being known for our excellent selection of

fine jewelry pieces to choose from including many brands you won’t find anywhere else!

Top Dollar Pawn & Jewelry Timings
Looking to visit Top Dollar Pawn & Jewelry at 5225 Indian Head Hwy, Forest Heights, MD 20745? Consider checking the weekday’s schedule timings before going.

2. Royal Pawn

507 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22202

Pawnshop in Arlington, Virginia

Royal Pawn is the best place to find items for sale, as well as a few things you might not expect.
Royal Pawn has been in business since 1974 and they have grown from having just 8 people working there then to now employing more than 50 employees.

The store offers 24-hour service along with online bidding on all sorts of goods including jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, and much more! Royal Pawn can also ship your purchase anywhere around the world so that it arrives safely at its destination no matter where it’s going or how far away you are from Virginia here in Arlington County!

3. First Cash Pawn

3100 Lee Hwy., Arlington, VA 22201

Pawn shop in Arlington, Virginia

First Cash Pawn in Arlington, Virginia is a pawn shop that has been around since 2003. First and foremost it provides all the services you would expect from a standard pawnshop: unloading items for cash loans to buy other things.

What’s different about their store though? There are plenty of reviews online available with customer feedback on what they think of this place! This location at 3100 Lee Hwy., Arlington, VA 22201 was rated 3 out 5 stars by 15 reviewers so far –

we’ll leave your visit up to your own judgment but if anything feels wrong then don’t be afraid to walk away or report them straightaway because who knows when they might scam someone else…

4. First Cash Pawn 3504 Mt Vernon Ave

3504 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22305

pawn shop in alexandria va

Pawn shop in Alexandria, Virginia

First cash pawn shop in Alexandria, VA has been around since 1984. You can find contact information and reviews for First Cash Pawn at 3504 Mt Vernon Ave here on their website.

The store is rated as a 3-star business with 18 customer reviews to date–would you like more details about this company?

5. Crown Pawnbrokers

1726 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

pawn shop in alexandria va

Pawn shop in Washington, D.C.

Crown Pawnbrokers is a pawnshop in Washington, D.C.. You can find contact details and reviews here. Crown Pawnbroker’s location is at 1726 14th St NW, Washington DC 20009 with a 4 out of 5 stars rating on Yelp!

They are the most trusted and respectable pawn shop in the Washington DC area since they have been open for so many years now (since 1987).

Their work timings include Monday to Friday from 10 am-6 pm while Saturday – Sunday their hours vary but usually stay pretty much till 6 pm or 7:30 depending on how busy it gets that day.

The best thing about this place? No waiting period if you want to redeem your collateral right away.”

6. Cieplak Marion

1919 M St NW #200, Washington, DC 20036

pawn shop in alexandria va

Cieplak Marion is a pawn shop located at 1919 M St NW #200, Washington, DC 20036. They are a 1.0 rated Pawnshop in Washington with 3 reviews and offer a variety of services such as jewelry loans to short-term payday loan lending services for anyone who needs money fast!

Cieplak Marion Timings
Looking to visit Cieplak Marion? Consider checking the weekday’s schedule timings before going so that you don’t have any delays or inconveniences on your way there!